Iza Calzado celebrates first birthday of daughter Deia Amihan

Published January 27, 2024 1:17am

Iza Calzado’s daughter, Deia Amihan, just turned one year old!

On Instagram, the proud mom celebrated the little girl’s special day with adorable snaps.


“And just like that our Deia Amihan is 1 year old!” Iza wrote in the caption.

She continued, “Deia – we treasure every moment with you so dearly. You have exceeded our expectations in growing up so joyful, smart, and strong.”

“Thank you for reminding us about what life is all about. We are so excited for more play time with you!” she said.

In September last year, Iza and her husband, Ben Wintle, marked their baby’s eighth month with a cake.

Iza and Ben got married in 2018. Iza announced her pregnancy in 2022, on her 40th birthday.

Deia Amihan is named after Iza’s iconic “Encantadia” character.—Carby Basina/.DF, GMA Responsibility

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