Humans, monsters, neohumans battle it out in ‘Sweet Home’ Season 3 trailer

The trailer of “Sweet Home” Season 3 just dropped — and the stakes are higher than ever.

This is the third and final season of the South Korean apocalyptic horror series, which stars “Love Alarm” star Song Kang as monster-human hybrid Hyun-su.

Aside from Kang, the series also stars Lee Jin Uk (Sang-wook), Lee Do Hyun (Eun-hyeok), Lee Si Young (Yi-kyung), Ko Min Si (Eun-yu), Jiyoung (Chan-young), Yoo Oh Seong (Tak In-hwan), Oh Jung Se (Dr. Lim), Kim Moo Yeol (Kim Yeong-hu), and Kim Sia (Kid).

The trailer begins with an eerie air, as the monster within Hyun-su says, “From the very beginning, I was you. I was always a part of you,” leaving fans to wonder which part of Hyun-su will prevail in the end.

Fans can look forward to a tense and action-packed last season as humans, monsters, and neohumans battle it out, with Hyun-su set to face off with contract killer Sang-wook, a former ally.

“There is a variety of characters, so I hope viewers will root for their favorite ones as they all fight in their own ways, from the battle between Sang-wook — who has turned evil — and Hyun-su, who longs to preserve his humanity; Yi-kyung, who fights to protect Kid; and Sergeant Tak, who feels responsible for the survivors’ safety,” said director Lee Eung Bok in a Netflix news release.

Sweet Home” Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on July 19 on Netflix.

— CDC, GMA Integrated News

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