Heart Evangelista struts through a grocery store wearing a hotdog costume

A hotdog costume in a grocery store? For Heart Evangelista, it’s a ‘why not’ moment.

On TikTok, the Kapuso actress and style icon shared a funny video of herself strutting around a grocery store wearing a hotdog costume.

Acting as if she was on a runway, Heart even did a spin and a pose, before laughing.

“Maybe if I dressed this way, ‘they’ wouldn’t bother me,” she said in the caption.

It’s Heart’s first TikTok post after saying that the alleged “shadow ban” on her content is over.

In a previous post, she replied to a fan and said, “Stolen contacts, black propaganda, hiring a 3rd party to shadow ban my [content] in the end will not matter because I don’t do this for fame. I do this for love and passion.”

Heart has been turning heads as usual as she attends fashion events abroad.

In the recent Milan Fashion Week, she was the top influencer who generated media impact values amounting to $1.4 million.


Maybe if i dressed this way “they” wouldnt bother me …????

? delicate – speduptayrey?? 

—JCB, GMA Integrated News

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