Gretchen Barretto claims Kris Aquino called Claudine to help ‘destroy’

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The Kris Aquino-Gretchen Barretto online word war is far from over.

Gretchen recently accused the “Queen of All Media” of asking her sister Claudine Barretto to help destroy her reputation and put her to jail.

In her Instagram account, Gretchen posted a photo of Kris’ statement titled “Statement in response to some social media users’ malicious allegations against Ms. Kris Aquino.”

“And what’s this I heard from inside her camp? She called up Claudine to tell my parents that she will file a case against me and put me to jail and asked them for help in destroying me. What is this, a tag team wrestling match? Can’t a ‘Queen’ handle it herself?” Gretchen said.

Claudine and Gretchen have not been on good terms since 2013.

“At least si Nicko, she said ‘ipapapatay Kita sa pamilya Ko.’ With me, she wants ‘ipapapatay kita sa pamilya MO,” Gretchen wrote.  

In the same post, Gretchen repeated her earlier claim that Kris meddled in businesswoman Alice Eduardo’s tax case when Kim Henares was the Bureau of Internal Revenue commissioner.

Kris’ lawyers issued a denial of Gretchen’s claims on Monday.

“Want to see a classic example of a non-denial denial? Notice how shrewd and deceptive her divine lawyers are by qualifying that the Queen of All Fixers did not intervene for Aliceinwonderland in any PENDING tax case,” Gretchen said.

“Obviously, the sawsaw tax case happened during Miss Henares’ stint as BIR Commissioner, who also happens to be currently the Queen of All Fixer’s personal accountant,” she added.

Gretchen also called Kris the “ARTEcaria Queen” who “couldn’t help to look in the mirror and say she was previously a number one taxpayer.”

“But why should we care about that when you helped fix Aliceinwonderland Eduardo hefty amount of taxes?” she added.

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