A golden memory with the King

Planet Philippines spots on this lovely tale written by a contributor, whose service holds a milestone in the travel industry. Stephen Nesbitt is a well known figure, praised by clients who are mostly pilgrims and friends. He regularly facilitates numerous memorable pilgrimages to the community and has one great experience to share.

A tale on a golden past. The place, Southern Germany. The year, 1959.

As I sped through the Bavarian countryside, the little villages flashed by like so many nativity scenes. Lights twinkled at the windows and dark pines were bowed down with snow. My good friend, serving in the American armed forces at the time, was driving me to the airfield to catch my transport home. However, the conditions were icy and he had insisted that we stop half way on our journey. He knew of a group of G.I.’s on leave who were willing to take us in for the night, he said.

We arrived late in the evening and it was cold. We knocked on the front door — no answer. We waded through the snow to the back of the imposing Ginger-bread-style house. This time our knock was answered and in minutes we found ourselves in a roasting living room with the company of five G.Is surrounding us. Drinks in hand, we made our introductions. Then, very quietly, a sixth G.I. slipped into the room and he looked remarkably like Elvis to me. Imagine my surprise, dear readers, when i found out that it really was Elvis Presley!

My good friend had arranged a white Christmas for me… with the King! This photo, which I share with you now, is one of my most treasured gifts I have ever been given at Christmas time.

May we also take this opportunity to inform our pilgrims that we offer new and interesting packages that take us to Egypt , as well as the Holy Land. Let us not forget that Joseph led Mary and the baby Jesus to safety by taking them to Egypt!

And after the celebration of the Easter season, allow me to thank all our loyal pilgrims for all their support over the last 30 strong years and counting.

Happy travels from Kensington Travel and may you always have a safe and fulfilled journey ahead.

Stephen Nesbitt Director, Kensington Travel

In memory of Stephen’s meeting with Elvis, Kensington Travel is offering a special discount of £ 100 ON ALL TRIPS advertised below. This offer applies to the first 50 people who book!


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