Fundador reaps awards internationally

The Philippines isn’t known for its harsh beers or fine wines but when it comes to brandy, we take center stage as shown by this high profile international wine and spirits competition in San Francisco, USA.

The company, Fundador Supremo, boasts its 15 year old Amontillado Cask Brandy for its premium brandy due to its ‘aftertaste of a pleasant lingering finish, recalling dried and toasted fruit with warm sensation, full, very balanced and smoothly dry in the palate. The golden amber brandy bears a subtle fragrance of dried fruit with notes of almonds and hazelnuts. ‘ – Inquirer Reporter

“The gold and bronze awards proved that Fundador is deeply rooted in the principles of making high quality and excellent wines and spirits. We are very proud because we are the only Philippine liquor company to receive such recognition and to be included in the ranks of the best brandies in the world,” said Winston Co, president, Emperador Inc.

This prestigious competition was held at Hotel Nikko by 41 highly renowned wine tasters blind tasting 2253 different wines and spirits with multiple best class medals which can be won – Fundador Supremo topping the charts brandy wise. 

Will this signify the entrance of a larger fine alcohol industry spread through out the Philippines?

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