Filipinos spend more time Online

The Philippines is one of the new and upcoming countries in the World when it comes to the consumption and production of technology with a new study accentuating this saying that ‘Netizens in the Philippines spend the most time online among select Southeast Asian countries.’

With more and more home grown phone companies in the country, ‘Smartphone adoption in the Philippines is growing faster in Asia than anywhere else – a reported 75 percent year-on-year increase in mobile shipments last year proves that. ‘ according to a recent study by Jana.

A report  Limelight Networks Inc. titled “State of the User Experience—Southeast Asia” was a test including 1,600 customers from the largest consumers in South East Asia; Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. The report looks for how  the consumer experience online activities as well as in aiding e-commerce firms in the best way to attract new customers.  

One interesting detail found within the survey suggested that Filipinos spend the most time online outside work, followed by Malaysians. Filipinos on average spend 16 hours every week looking at a screen! Singapore came in last out of the four countries which trialed the study. 

This ultimately shows that the Philippines and its people are open and embrace current innovations distributed across the modern world, whilst also being close with their ancestral roots. As with a lot of things, the Philippines proves to host fast growing technological advancements with large tech companies shifting their interests to the pearl of Asia – the Philippines

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