Ex-UP dean talks about five Gs in Eleksyon 2022: Guns, goons, gold, glitter, and gigabytes

From the previous three Gs which are said to affect Philippine elections–guns, goons, and gold–there are now five. Add to them glitter and gigabytes.

In the latest episode of The Mangahas Interviews, former University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance Dean Fe Mendoza said guns have had reduced influence in Eleksyon 2022.

Mendoza said goons might still be holding sway as voters remained wary of who may be watching when they cast their votes.

As for gold?

“Talamak pa rin,” Mendoza told journalist Malou Mangahas, indicating that many still accept cash in exchange for their votes on May 9.

“Kasi tumaas yung poverty rate natin ngayon particularly after the pandemic,” she added citing the poverty rate increasing from 16 percent before COVID-19 to 21 percent in the latest findings of the Philippine Statistics Authority.

“Marami pa ring tao ang naging poor after the pandemic,” Mendoza said.

As regards glitter and gigabtes, or the influence of celebrities and social media, and other issues related to Eleksyon 2022, Mendoza further discusses them in this interview. –NB, GMA News

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