Duterte’s son rejects actress’ suggestion he show his tattoo, dares her to strip naked instead

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He’s not taking it off, people.

Presidential son Paolo “Pulong” Duterte today slammed actress Agot Isidro for suggesting he should follow former Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Bong Go’s lead and go topless to prove he doesn’t have a back tattoo.

Paolo’s irate reaction stems from Isidro’s tweet yesterday, where she wrote in a mix of English and Filipino: “Thank you SAP Go for being a sport. It appears that your sport is ventosa [therapy]. I thought it was basketball,” she wrote.

She also added: “O, it’s Polong’s (sic) turn! [Are you] game?”

Isidro, a vocal critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, was reacting to what could be one of the most absurd moments yet during this year’s senatorial campaign. Yesterday, Go took off his shirt in front of several reporters to prove that he doesn’t have any tattoos, in an effort to quash rumors that he was involved in the illegal drug trade.

Go went topless because a video series titled Ang Totoong Narco List (“The Real Narco List”) alleged that he and Paolo were members of an illegal drug syndicate. The videos said that Paolo and Go’s backs were tattooed with their drug trade aliases — Go with “COATLIBRA-0018” and Paolo with“Alpha Tierra 0029.” The videos also alleged that the men have dragon tattoos on their backs, an indication that they were dabbling in the drug trade.

In a somewhat anti-climactic turn, Go’s back was smooth and tattoo-free, save for a few ventosa therapy marks.

But Paolo has no plans of pulling off the same stunt.

He wrote on his Facebook account in Filipino: “I’m telling Agot Isidro, she can just strip off her clothes on her own. Or she can do it with her gf (girlfriend) Flor Hilbay. G[ame]”?

The actress is reportedly dating former solicitor general Florin Hilbay, one of the opposition party’s candidates for senator.

As expected, almost all of the netizens reacting to Paolo’s post were supportive of him.

One said it was apparent that Isidro was lusting after Paolo because he was “yummier” than Hilbay.

The actress is not the only person whom Paolo vented his annoyance at in connection with Ang Totoong Narco List. He also traded barbs with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, whom he accused of producing the videos. The senator denied this, but said he wished he had. Trillanes also told Paolo to show his back to disprove all allegations that he was involved in drugs.

The viral video’s accusations against Paolo aren’t new. As early as September 2018, Trillanes accused Paolo of benefitting from the illegal drug trade and also alleged that the presidential son has a dragon tattoo on his back. Paolo refused to show his back to Trillanes during a Senate hearing, citing his right to privacy.

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