Duterte mulls creating new peace panel that has more military representatives

By Luchi de Guzman

Despite declaring a permanent end to peace negotiations with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) last month, President Rodrigo Duterte talked about the idea of creating a new peace panel.

In a speech delivered at a PDP-Laban campaign sortie in Bukidnon Saturday, Duterte talked about looking for members for a new pace panel. Most of them would come from the military.

Mangita ko ug bag-o. Bag-ong paagi, bag-ong tao makig-istorya. Basig usa, duha, tulo ana militar. Unya ang… mga lima. Duha ka civilian, tulo ka militar,” the President said.

[Translation: I’ll look for a new one. New methods, new people to talk to. Maybe one, two, three of them are from the military. Maybe around five. Two civilian members, three from the military.]

He reiterated that he had dissolved the previous peace panel because it took them too long to negotiate with the Reds.

Dugay na e. Three years walay nahimo,” he said.

[Translation: It took too long. Nothing happened in three years.]

On March 21, Duterte announced that he had permanently ended peace negotiations between the government and the CPP.

Last month he said that the CPP might have to wait for a new President before the peace talks can resume.

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