Duterte hints at limiting charter change to economic provisions

By CNN Philippines Staff

President Rodrigo Duterte hinted at limiting constitutional changes to the economic provisions, as he spoke before Cotabato City residents on Thursday.

Duterte pitched for the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law for the last time, citing that Filipinos are being accustomed to electing their leaders.

“We have been used to it. We are the people governed by elections and we elect leaders. The leaders must be the choice of the people. I am sure that with that — the fundamentals provided by the law and hopefully if we can amend the Constitution, not all, but a few of the economic provisions and some…,” Duterte said.

Duterte has since batted for a shift from a unitary to a federal form of government, even forming a Constitutional Commission to review the current charter. Congress, however, has yet to pass the amendments to the 1987 Constitution.

The House of Representatives passed to the Senate in December the Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) No. 15, the proposed constitution seeking the federal shift. The Senate, however, said there is no more time to tackle charter change within the 17th Congress due to budget deliberations.

Duterte did not elaborate further on this plan.

“Well, I do not want to discuss it with you now because ‘yun na ang sunod natin and hindi na ninyo problema ‘yun [that’s what’s next for us and it’s no longer your problem]. Yours would just really be to ask for the law that will further enhance the governance of the Bangsamoro law,” he said.

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