Disney releases video tutorial on making Christmas parol

By CNN Philippines Staff

After a heartwarming Christmas advertisement featuring the Filipino culture, Disney recently released a video tutorial on how to make a parol.

In the three-minute ad released by Disney UK last week, the grandmother or lola was shown teaching her granddaughter how to make parol. However, as years passed, the granddaughter seemed to lost interest in making a Christmas lantern.

One morning, the grandmother was surprised to see her living room decorated with Christmas lanterns made by her granddaughter.

Inspired by the tear-jerking ad, Disney’s new video teaches everyone around the world how to make the traditional Filipino Christmas lantern.


– 10 Pllieay sticks

– 10 rubber bands

– 5 dowels

– String

– Glue

– Scissors

– Paper plate

– Colored paper

– Cool glue gun


1. Put the two sticks together with a rubber band. Repeat this step two more times. Connect the ends to make a star shape.

2. Weave a stick to create the top of the star and connect.

3. Using a cool glue gun, secure where the sticks meet. Repeat for all five intersections.

4. Create two stars.

5. Glue dowels onto the intersections of one star. Glue the top of the dowels and attach the remaining star.

6. Tie all points.

7. Using a gluestick, glue around the middle section. Add your paper and trim with scissors. Repeat these steps on the other side and leave a hole in the middle.

8. Don’t forget to glue the sides.

9. Scrunch up small squares of colored paper and stick to all points using a cool glue gun.

10. Add a battery powered light.

The city of San Fernando in Pampanga was dubbed as the country’s Christmas Capital for its parol-making industry.

The city’s lantern-making tradition could be traced back as early as the 18th century, when Spanish colonists in Bacolor urged people to conduct lantern processions in honor of Our Lady of La Naval or the Blessed Virgin Mary.

San Fernando is also holding an annual Giant Lantern Festival, which showcases a competition of giant and colorful lanterns with grand designs from different parol makers.

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