Dept of Labour and Employment to curtail supply of Skilled workers abroad

DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III cites studies are on the way to review the level of shortage of skilled workers locally. He said the agency is looking for way to stem the supply of skilled workers to prevent a shortfall .

Quoting from his own personal experience ,  “Even I had experienced this. Before, I can easily get a plumber with much lesser cost, but now, even if you offer a considerable amount of fee, these skilled workers would ignore you,” he said.

Bello noted DOLE might have to slow down in processing the deployment of skilled workers abroad.  He said he was considering limiting the number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to be sent abroad, specially to the Middle East.

After having received concerns from Filipino household workers on being poorly treated abroad and the detrimental concerted of the undersuppky of local skilled labour in the Philippines, Secretary Belllo says the situation is hard pressing and looks to reviewumber of deployment of domestic helpers, OFWs, and skilled workers

The Labour secretary  cites the Philippines is facing an undersupply  in skilled workers such as carpenters, electrician and plumbers, because they chose to work overseas for a much higher pay.

They are in demand. Skilled workers shortage problem in the country is big. I am in talks with our agencies to fast track their training for the benefit of the country. We need to prioritize our own skilled workers,” he maintained.

On the local front Bello added DOLE is reviewing o fast trackthe training of skilled workers and review meager wages in the home front to immediately address the shortage problem.

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