Cool Pasyalan in the Philippines


The Coolest plac e in the Philippines is also the publics’ favourite – Baguio. With only being a four hour drive  from Manila and temperatures reaching a record low of 7.3 C, no wonder it’s a classic among many Manila Families. This cool mountainous province is home to the famous pine clad rolling hills. The area is very much modernised and can provide essential services too due to the American presence in the area post World War II. Famous places in Baguio consist from the beautiful Baguio City Cathedral to Camp John Hay. 



Tagaytay is very much a classic and upon hearing it many families would’ve recognized it either from hearing so many people talking about it or them having visited it , “its that kind of place where when you go, you’ll always remember it – its that good! “

Renowned for not only its Bulalo but for its unchangeable scenery, most notably its Taal lake and mountain on it. Mind you the mountain is in fact a dormant volcano but nothing to worry about . With countless things to do at a cool climate, as well as being a short drive from Manila, no wonder this place is an all time favourite!



Banaue, if anything, truly shows all the beautiful things the Philippines has to offer, defined accentuating the best of the Philippines. ‘A jaw dropping place’ is what many traveler describe it, really living up to its name. How could it not anyways, with five clusters of 2,000-year old rice terraces which have themselves been listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, it truly is hard to beat. 

The Ifugao hill tribes constructed these and maintained these terraces out of their own will to survive, these terraces being as every bit of our history as it is beautiful in our photos! With iconic Filipino designs and art at heart coupled with the picture perfect staircases of rice farms makes this place more than just a destination for tourists,  but in fact takes its pride as a wonder of the Philippines. 

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