Concepcion helps traders purchase molnupiravir


PRESIDENTIAL Adviser for Entrepreneurship Jose Maria “Joey” Concepcion 3rd is working with suppliers of molnupiravir to help small businesses whose frontline workers have been infected with Covid-19 gain access to the antiviral drug.

Concepcion confirmed that he had talks with several suppliers, where they discussed the price of molnupiravir, which according to him, ranges between P1,991 and P5,200 per bottle, depending on the volume of orders and supplier.

“This is our way of helping MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and our partners in the A Dose of Hope Program. We want them to get access to this drug as many frontline workers of businesses have been infected recently. They are yet to recover fully from the effects of the pandemic,” he said in a statement.

“Through this initiative, we can alleviate the plight of our small businesses by providing their workers with needed medicines that can help them recover from the virus,” Concepcion added.

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the emergency use authorization for molnupiravir, an oral medicine said to reduce severe symptoms of Covid-19.

Concepcion said consumption of the antiviral drug should be closely supervised and monitored by doctors.

Molnupiravir could suffice for now until the arrival of Paxlovid, an oral formulation that is a combination of two drugs that is given in one formulation, he added.

During the recent Town Hall Meeting organized by Go Negosyo, Vaccine Expert Panel member and infectious disease expert Dr. Rontgene Solante said molnupiravir is given to patients with mild to moderate Covid-19 twice a day for five days to prevent them from being hospitalized and develop a severe case of the virus.

“The data is telling us that it reduces the risk of hospitalization and the risk of dying by 30 percent. Thirty percent is still 30 percent, even if you say it’s less than 50 percent,” Solante said.

He also said when the data coming from different Indian studies were reviewed, molnupiravir also helps reduce transmissibility of Covid-19.

“Because data tells us that if you give molnupiravir, on the third day of the drug, you will have half of the viral load cut. Meaning you lower your viral load more than 50 percent during the third day of the drug,” Solante pointed out.

On the fifth day of the drug, he said, the viral load will be further reduced by 80 percent.

“What is the impact there? There is a possibility that you can get patients go back to work because they’re not transmissible because they’re taking the drug and at the same time, the absence of symptoms which usually start on the second and third day of the drug and total absence of symptoms five to seven days, that will make the patient really better and reduce the risk of hospitalization and also reduce the risk of transmissibility,” Solante added.

“It has been found out that it reduces hospitalization more than 80 percent if you give it in the first three days and first five days of symptoms,” he said.

Small business owners, who want to know more of how they can purchase molnupiravir from official suppliers, can message the official Facebook of Go Negosyo:

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