COMELEC to replace over 600 corrupted SD cards for 2019 polls

By CNN Philippines Staff

The Commission on Elections said it will replace more than 600 corrupted storage devices for the 2019 midterm polls’ encrypted ballot images.

Three days before the polls, the COMELEC said it received reports that around 686 of 85,769 secure digital cards have been corrupted. Poll body spokesperson James Jimenez however allayed fears over the corrupted SD cards, as it said it has over 50,000 such storage devices as part of its buffer stock.

“When an SD card is reported as corrupted we respond by preparing replacement card and replacement cards are then swapped for the corrupted SD cards as they say kaliwaan yan [it’s on the spot replacement],” Jimenez said. “It ensures that we’re able to do analysis of why cards are corrupted but this is not going to be happening overnight.”

The SD cards are used to store the encrypted image of the ballots fed inside the vote counting machines on election day.

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