Coco Martin remembers Joey de Leon’s help

Always a humble actor, Coco Martin recently posted a touching message on Joey de Leon’s Instagram to wish the comedian a happy birthday.

As reported on Inquirer, the “Ang Panday” star recently left a comment on a video of de Leon enjoying the rain on his birthday, writing, “Happy birthday Tito Joey! I don’t know if you still remember me. I am one of the people you helped when I was still starting out, through your show in TV5, “Teka Mona”.”

“Teka Mona” was a sketch comedy show that aired circa 2006-2007 and starred de Leon, Mike Nacua, and Alyssa Alano among the few.

He continued, “Thank you very much for the chance that you have given me back then. I have not forgotten it to this day. I hope one day we could meet up, so I can thank you personally.”

Martin also admitted that he regarded de Leon as an idol.

de Leon later responded to the comment, saying, “Thank you! I am proud of you. Stay humble!”

(Photo Source: Pep)

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