Christian Bautista continues advocacy of ending hunger amid pandemic

By CNN Philippines Staff

Christian Bautista is not letting the COVID-19 crisis stop him from helping other people.

In an interview with CNN Philippines on Sunday, he said he was continuing his work as an ambassador for Rise Against Hunger Philippines.

Bautista said, “Rise Against Hunger Philippines, they have the country’s only food bank, for example, where we collect food, other relief goods from our partners and donors… We also provide dietary supplementation programs… The goal talaga is to end hunger, whether there’s a pandemic or not, to help end hunger.”

In an earlier interview with CNN Philippines’ The Final Word, Bautista collaborated with Indonesian artist Delon Thamrin for a song that aims to uplift the people’s spirits amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bautista shared he wanted to create an inspiring piece that will incite the people to help each other in this time of uncertainty.

“Yes, we may be on lockdown. But through other means like the Internet, we can still help each other,” Bautista said.

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