Chinese woman arrested after throwing taho at MRT cop


 A Chinese woman was arrested on Saturday (February 9) for disrespecting and assaulting a police officer at an MRT station.

Based on initial report, a Chinese national named Jiale Zhang, 23, was prohibited by security guards from entering MRT Boni Station with a cup of taho (soya) citing the recent ban on drinks and liquids inside the train.

Zhang was advised to consume the drink before entering the station but refused to do so.

The matter was turned over to PO1 William L. Cristobal who explained to Zhang the station’s security policy. At this point, Zhang “got angry” and threw the cup of taho at the police officer.

This prompted P01 Cristobal to arrest Zhang and bring her to the Mandaluyong City Police Station where she was booked for disobedience to agent of person in authority and direct assault.

In a statement, the Department of Transportation MRT-3 stressed that tighter security measures are being implemented inside the trains to ensure the “safety and security of the passengers and personnel following attacks in Mindanao.” — UNTV News and Rescue

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