Case Closed? Sarah G’s ex-bodyguard allegedly took PHP200k settlement over ‘wedding punch’

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Didn’t think you’d see the end of the Sarah Geronimo-Matteo Guidicelli elopement drama this soon? Well, it looks like this public soap opera’s come to an end — at least, according to broadcaster Raffy Tulfo, who on his YouTube program declared the case “closed” after allegedly brokering a deal between an aggrieved bodyguard and the couple.

In an episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action yesterday, Tulfo reported that bodyguard Jerry Tamara had allegedly agreed to drop charges against Guidicelli — whom he accused of punching him in the throat — after Tamara allegedly received a PHP200,000 (US$3,943) settlement from Viva, the talent agency that manages Guidicelli and Geronimo.

The hired muscle had asked Tulfo (famous for settling disputes on air) to accompany him to Viva’s office to discuss the settlement with Guidicelli. Unable to reach Guidicelli for comments, Tulfo talked to Viva boss Vic del Rosario, who said, “Let’s talk in the office, ask him [Tamara] to come here.”  Del Rosario added that the couple wanted the matter settled once and for all because Sarah had been “affected by it” and couldn’t deal with Tamara while trying to settle her longstanding problems with her mother, Divine Geronimo.

When they arrived at Viva’s offices, agency officials and del Rosario received Tulfo and Tamara. The couple was a no-show because they were working.

Following an unrecorded negotiation, Tulfo said that according to the Viva boss, the bodyguard had demanded PHP1.5 million (US$29,552) in damages, but del Rosario only agreed to pay him PHP100,000 (US$1,971).

Days later, Tulfo said he received a message from a Viva official saying that the bodyguard had been paid the PHP200,000, which Tamara allegedly confirmed having accepted because he allegedly feared for the safety of his family.

“My wife and my family are growing scared,” Tamara purportedly texted.

In an earlier episode, the bodyguard had told Tulfo that Guidicelli punched him in the throat at the reception of the couple’s wedding in Bonifacio Global City. According to the bodyguard, the actor accused Tamara of snitching to Divine about their supposedly secret wedding. Guidicelli has denied punching anyone at the wedding.

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