Bretman Rock gave his dogs the most adorable Halloween costumes

Bretman Rock threw a costume party for his pet dogs and their fits are everything!

The internet superstar and beauty guru introduced his animal friends one by one in a TikTok video.

Lily is a witch, while Hati is Hei Hei the Rooster from the Disney movie “Moana,” because “she’s the only one that chases my chickens.”

His next dog is Kala dressed as a cow. Bretman said it is very fitting because “he’s like a gentle giant.”

Bretman’s foster dog Nalu is dressed as Britney Spears with a blonde wig and a tube top. To complete the Britney look, Bretman danced with knives following the popstar’s dancing video.

Meanwhile, Bretman’s dogs Ele and Tora were both dressed as spiders, with the latter wearing a wig.

Finally, Kayu is dressed as an adorable orange and blue dragon.

Bretman sure loves his animal friends. He even gave his chickens witty names like Marites, Adobo, Tinola, and Sia. His pet turtles are also named after the famous Filipino comedians, Mahal and Mura.

Bretman was in the Philippines last August where he had a belated birthday celebration in Palawan. He was able to try out fire dancing at the beach, was memorably stung by a stingray, and ate tamilok. He also attended the Vogue Philippines anniversary gala and served morena beauty.

Early this year, the content creator also visited the Philippines to hold book signing events for his first memoir dubbed “You’re That Bitch.”


Happy Pawlloween !! Here is my cute little pack costumes this year ????????????

? original sound – bretmanrock

—Nika Roque/JCB,GMA Integrated News

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