Beyond sands and waters: Pinoys’ love for beaches

By Priam Nepomuceno

With the Philippines consisting of more than 7,100 islands, one can hardly find Filipinos who are not fascinated with beaches.

And with the peak of the summer already here, who could resist an escape to the cool blue waters of an island resort?

Filipinos go to the beach to relax, have fun and flaunt their “bodies”, according to independent film director Jojo Nadela.

“(Some Filipinos go to the beach) just to show off their beach body while others use the opportunity as (a) ‘moving on’ experience, especially those just coming from failed relationships,” he said in Filipino.

For Walter Lopez, a drummer, Filipinos, especially the millennials, flock to the beach for a “picture perfect” adventure combined with a fabulous #OOTD (outfit of the day) that can go trending on social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram.

But for him, a visit to the beach is simply an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air.

“When I got older, I would go to the beach in order to relax myself and breathe fresh air,” Lopez said.

Meanwhile, for Ericka Louise Cirera, a graduating University of the East student, going to the beach is a surefire way to ease the heat by swimming and savoring the cool ocean breeze.

For Trisha Alcantara, an account executive, having an opportunity to go the beach means getting a tan and a chance to enjoy the waves.

For educator Redjie Rebugio, the Filipinos’ fascination for the beach stems from the fact that we are “children of the sea”.

“The Filipinos’ closeness to the beach is (due to the fact that we are a seafaring nation and explorers), hence our affinity (to) the sea,” he added.

Rebugio’s views were also shared by layout artist John Imperio, who said the Filipinos’ penchant for water comes from the fact that they like to sail and explore during the ancient times.

For Tiea Villanueva, an electronics engineer, going to the beach means breaking free from the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila and pressures from the workplace.

“Filipinos want to go the beach. It provides them with peace of mind and honest-to-goodness relaxation and relief from toxicity you’ve always been dreaming of. Also, Pinoys seem to enjoy the road trip and preparations that entail a beach outing. And due to social media, a lot of beautiful and previously unknown beaches are being discovered and are now being visited,” she said.

For freelance writer, Yashika Torib, going to the beach invokes a sense of relaxation.

“It (going to the beach) evokes a sense of peace and relaxation (from) the view — the sound, and the feel (of ocean waves crashing in the sand),” she added.

Torib added that a trip to the beach is also a time to bond with family and friends.

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