Bea Alonzo speaks up on rumored split with Gerald Anderson: ‘He just started not talking to me’

By CNN Philippines Staff

Days after her cryptic Instagram post went viral, actress Bea Alonzo finally spoke up about her rumored controversial split with fellow Kapamilya star Gerald Anderson.

From the 31-year-old actress’ point of view, it seems like the two of them did not technically break up.

Alonzo, speaking to reporters in a media conference, revealed that Anderson suddenly cut contact— and basically “ghosted” her.

“Honestly, to my understanding, we did not break up,” Alonzo said in a video uploaded Friday by the official social media page of Tonight With Boy Abunda.

“He just started not talking to me,” she bared.

Anderson was in hot water over the weekend— as Alonzo’s Instagram post and likes fueled speculations that he had been dating another girl while in the relationship.

While facts have yet to be established, netizens were quick to react to the allegations, as the issue quickly blew up on Twitter.

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