Bea Alonzo finally updates social media with a new post

Heidi Hsia

Bea Alonzo has recently broken her social media silence following the controversy surrounding her breakup with Gerald Anderson, not by making any statement about the issue, but by sharing an old photo of her mother.

The actress took to Instagram to reveal that her house is currently being renovated and that she has been going through old photos to put up on the family wall when she came across an old photo of her mother holding her as a child.

She wrote, “I think I was one year old when this picture was taken. My mom carrying me and I had the biggest smile as I was enjoying my chocolate given to me by my Lola. [It was a simple life].”

“I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I was raised knowing that I am loved. Knowing this warms my heart. I hope you could see how big my smile is right now while reminiscing my childhood,” she added.

She also added the hashtag “One Day at a Time”.

The picture was the first new post she published since 21 July, when she first wrote a cryptic message alluding to her breakup with Gerald Anderson.

(Photo Source: Bea Alonzo Instagram)

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