Article The Philippines’ Progressive Era of Infrastructure

One year on since the start of the Duterte Administration we can see that Duterte is much more focused in developing the already weak underdeveloped infrastructure of the Philippines than Aquinos was (The Philippines marked out 95th out of 135 nations regarding the quality of our infrastructure) . This shows with the current government spending 5.4% of the National GDP on infrastructure- the highest its been since the Marcos Era where it was 3.2% – and even tripling what the Aquino Administration was spending in 2011 where it was 1.8%. This is reflected by the P461 billion pesos a year cost that Duterte is pumping in into infrastructure compared to a third of that (P135 billion) in 2010-11.

Furthermore, progress looks to continue more swiftly than it did under the Aquino Administration as the Government doesn’t plan to roll back on key Projects contrasting the ideas of Aquino, who in contrast outright suspended projects planned by the Gloria-Macapagal-Arroyo Administration which were allegedly corrupt. It was  after a year and a half when Pinoy started officially started working on his Pipeline project. Consequently this introduced the PPP (a private public partnership) which since the Duterte administration has scraped marking it out as ineffective.

The increase in infrastructure reaches out to all public sects and industries from national railways to roads and to even our first underground in Metro Manila called the Mega Manila Subway costing P227 billion expecting to server 370,000 passengers a day shoring up roads such as EDSA. A number of these large projects extend also to the Malolos – Clark Railway Project (PNP North 2) and the North-South Railway-South Line Project.

With all the advancements that the Duterte Administration is providing us this truly marks the beginning of the Philippines’ Golden Age! 

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