Anne Curtis elated over “Just a Stranger” box office number

Heidi Hsia

Anne Curtis is ecstatic to hear the news that her new movie, “Just a Stranger” has been doing amazing at the box office.

As reported on Push, the actress recently took to social media to express her elation after it was reported that the movie made P 100 million at the box office despite its R-16 rating.

“My heart is so grateful. Thank you to everyone who has watched and has been continuously sharing their feelings about our film. Word of mouth at its finest. Thank you so much,” she wrote.

She also posted a clip of a scene from the movie, where her character Mae can be seen looking overwhelmed by her surrounding at a club before screaming her heart out and dances with the rest of the club-goers.

She wrote, “This is one of my favourite scenes from our film. All the happiness, people, laughter and noise fade away to silence, when there is sadness deep down in your heart. No matter how hard you try to fight it or put on a mask of happiness, the sadness and loneliness will always take over and win.”

The film, co-starring Marco Gumabao, stars Curtis as an older woman who finds herself falling in love with a younger man despite being tied to someone else. It is currently showing in 200 theatres nationwide.

(Photo Source: Anne Curtis Instagram)

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