89% of adult Pinoys use face masks to avoid COVID-19 infection -OCTA survey

An OCTA Research survey found that, even before the recent surge in cases, most Filipinos followed the minimum COVID-19 health standards with 89% of them regularly using face masks to avoid infection.

In its Tugon ng Masa (TNM) National Survey conducted from July 12 to 18, 2021, the research body found that the use of face masks and regular cleaning of hands using water and soap or alcohol were the top measures adult Filipinos followed to avoid COVID-19 infection, with 89% and 85% of adult Filipinos practicing each, respectively.

The use of face shields followed with 70%, then the observance of physical or social distancing at 64%.

However, the survey also found that the percentage of adult Filipinos practicing any of the four measures decreased in the past month, with the use of face shield showing the steepest decrease at 11%.

Further, only a quarter of adult Filipinos or 25% avoided domestic travel, while 20% consulted a doctor or healthcare provider when they were not feeling well.

The survey found that staying at home was practiced more in the National Capital Region compared to the other areas.

Also, more than 75% of adult Filipinos are always wearing a face mask when going out of their homes, while seven out of 10 adult Filipinos wash their hands several times a day.

According to the survey, a majority, or 64%, also still cover their nose and mouth when coughing.

“Observing physical and social distancing and wearing a face shield when going out of the house is still frequently done by adult Filipinos but not as consistent as the other measures,” the TNM National Survey said.

The survey emphasized that the percentage of adult Filipinos who often or frequently practice the precautionary public health measures to avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19 declined compared to the January 2021 TNM Survey results.

The Tugon ng Masa survey used multi-stage probability sampling with face-to-face interviews, with a sample size of 1200respondents aged 18 and above. The survey utilized s a sampling design that allows for a 95% confidence level with a margin of error at +-3%. — DVM, GMA News

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