£578 million sent back home by the Filipinos in the UK

Pinoys around the UK continue to support their families and invest back home. Latest results obtained by The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford shows that Filipinos in the United Kingdom have sent £578 million to the Philippines during 2018. 

With such a staggering sum of money being transferred annually, it begs the questions as to why people continue to do these transfers when customers are charged premium rates and extortionate commission rates. Tackling this, is Skrill Money Transfer. Thanks to Skrill, users have access to free money transfers, to countries including the Philippines, in addition to the most competitive exchange rates. 

Skrill Money Transfer are committed to ensuring that the transfers made using their service is the most competitive possible, and do not cost a peso. They even guarantee that the rates are as close to or identical to national rates. You may wonder why Skrill go to these lengths? Skrill believe that the Filipino community shouldn’t be getting overcharged to send money to loved ones. Their aim is to become the go-to money transfer service for the UK-based, Filipino community.

What’s more Skrill Money Transfer offers two types of transfers; direct to any bank account or for those needing cash quicker, there is the instant option of sending money to any Gcash mobile money wallet. 

Take Leej for example. He is a 30-year-old actor, living in London. Leej moved from the Philippines to the United Kingdom in order to pursue his dreams. Like most migrant Filipinos, he continues to send money back to the Philippines to help friends and family. “I like to help out where I can for my friends and family. This is made difficult by high fees and low exchange rates.”

Luckily, Leej recently discovered Skrill Money Transfer’s services. Working proudly with the banks of the Philippines, Skrill is able to supply Leej with a means to support his friends and family, without losing out on a peso.

When asked, Leej said:

“Now that I have discovered Skrill Money Transfer, I know that every part of the sum of money that I send back to the Philippines reaches them and is not impacted by fees and commission. Another thing I like about Skrill is the freedom to choose how the money is delivered to my loved ones. I can either make a transfer directly to their bank or have it delivered to their GCash mobile wallet”

Skrill Money Transfer is proud to operate as part of the PaySafe Group, which is a recognised global organisation. They are also regulated by the FCA. Having operated for over 20 years, PaySafe is proud to hold a strong customer record and hundreds of thousands of customers. This is in addition to the ‘Excellent’ score they have on TrustPilot.

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