50th Year of Being One ASEAN

The Philippines’ ASEAN chairmanship coincides with a historic milestone event—the 50th anniversary of the founding of our Association. It will be an occasion for us to set the tone for the next 50 years.

Founded in 1967, ASEAN has since matured into a community focused on economic integration and growth, and consensus-building. This is the “ASEAN Way” and it has resulted in unprecedented growth. ASEAN is both the world’s seventh-largest market and third-largest labor force, and has been projected to become the fourth-largest economic bloc by 2030.

Additionally, the group established the ASEAN Economic Community last year to create a single market and production base—facilitating even closer economic, political, social, and cultural cooperation. As we celebrate our shared success for the last 50 years, we look with excitement to the future as we work hand in hand to partners for real change.


The primary symbol of this year’s ASEAN Summits and the Philippine Chairmanship.

All the elements were purposely selected, from the colors to typeface, to capture the vision of ASEAN 2017.

(Article from Asean50) http://www.asean2017.ph/asean-50/

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