32 Filipinos in Afghanistan wait for repatriation


The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Sunday said only 32 Filipinos in Afghanistan are waiting to be repatriated.

The DFA said 175 Filipinos have either left or been evacuated.

At least 22 of them requested “company or government repatriation,” it said in a statement.

The department said 16 Filipinos have left Kabul “via a military flight and are now in the UK (United Kingdom).”

A group of 13 repatriates who left previously are now in Oslo, Norway while one landed in Almaty, Kazakhstan and one in Kuwait, it added.

“An additional eight Filipinos have registered with the [Philippine] Embassy [in Pakistan] but do not wish to be repatriated at this time,” the DFA said.

The Philippine government thanked all countries that “continue to assist and cooperate with us in repatriating our citizens from Afghanistan.”

“This help is essential in enabling our people to leave safely. All repatriates, wherever they may be, who requested to return to the Philippines, will be assisted,” the DFA stressed.

The first batch of 35 evacuees from Afghanistan arrived on Monday.

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