3 Filipinos now home after being held hostage in Libya

By CNN Philippines Staff

Three Filipino engineers have returned to the country after months of captivity by armed men in Libya.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced their release on Saturday, along with a Korean national. They were abducted from the site of the Great Man-Made River project in southern Libya in July 2018.

“The Philippines deeply appreciates the efforts of the United Arab Emirates, Libya, South Korea, and other friendly countries that led to the release of the three Filipinos and their Korean colleague,” the DFA said in a statement.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Tedoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin, Jr. tweeted that “the three hostages are home,” and even shared some photos.

“I told them the President would have strung me up if they did not come back safe. They said they knew he was watching over them,” Locsin said.View image on Twitter

He refused to give details on how the Filipinos were freed.

“Now that they’re safe it can be told; but the how, again I won’t tell because, as Jack Nicholson said, ‘the public can’t stand to know the truth’ which will be imperiled in its hands. But to the powers that made it possible: Thank you, thank you. To meddlers: f**k you,” the country’s top diplomat said in another tweet.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Embassy in Libya is also appealing to all the 2,000 Filipinos in Libya to allow the government to bring them home amid the fighting that broke out in April. Only 55 of them have asked to be repatriated so far.

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