Jobs await Filipinos in the U.K.

Senator Joel Villanueva, after a meeting with top officials both from the UK and the Philippines , has learnt and and announced that 17,000 jobs are available within the U.K. which require a variety of skill sets which Filipinos can offer.

Villanueva, who chairs the Senate committee on labor, employment, and human resources development, met with the Philippine ambassador to United Kingdom Antonio Lagdameo, and other figures from large UK businesses to talk about the employment opportunities available for Filipinos in the UK and the steps the government would need take to secure these for Filipinos. 

Currently there are a number of jobs covering all skill sets up for grabs within the UK which range from cashiers and cooks to nurses and civil engineers – all which Filipinos can supply. Villanueva further encourages this proposition sharing that 

The United Kingdom has generously offered us a variety of job opportunities fit for our world-class skilled workers. This is the best time for our fellow kababayans looking for employment abroad to grab this opportunity,” 

Further information has been disclosed such as salaries which are double or triple the usual rate given within the Philippines to attract foreign workers such as  civil engineers of  as well as  nurses . Caregivers are also offered high  monthly wages 

Villanueva believes that the world needs a lot of skilled workers and that the Philippines possesses a highly-skilled workforce who are very much qualified to meet the international standards and fill in the demands of the global job market.

It is clear that both the Philippines and the U.K. recognise the importance of this opportunity and how it can prove to be lucrative for either side and especially the Filipino people, but will the Philippines seize decisively this deal?


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