2 Great destinations for Travel and Leisure

Its not only Dutertes Approval ratings on the rise but also the popularity of the Philippines’ natural tourist attractions with Palawan and Boracay reaching the top ten most highly approved islands across the world according to travelandleisure.com.

The ranking was on readers’ ratings based on the islands’ activities and sights, natural attractions, beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value and enjoyment of the traveller. Palawan is comprised of 1,780 island located to the West of Luzon and is often praised for the islands’ natural beauty with Palawan was rated a 93.15 out of 100 while Boracay scored 89.67, the article on travelandleisure.com said.

“With its verdant mountains, a five-mile-long underground river, limestone caves, and spectacular scuba diving, its appeal is as clear as its turquoise waters,” TravelandLeisure said on its website.

 On the website many comments further praised the ‘rustic’ appeal which Palawan gives to one reader describing Palawan as “The single most beautiful place on earth.”

Palawan consecutively hits top marks when being ranked as no person can outright deny the fact that Palawan truly a gift from god with the website further saying; 

“There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in the natural wonders of this Philippine archipelago, which many of our readers described as ‘rustic,’ ‘romantic,’ ‘affordable,’ and ‘relaxing.”

One review even stated ‘It’s not heaven, but it’s pretty close.”

(Image from http://www.clubparadisepalawan.com/)

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